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Not just another ‘not just another one-woman show!’

Written and performed by Catherine Pugh, ‘Voices in my Head’ is a one-woman comedy-character show that really is unique. Audiences meet a colourful collection of characters, all with their own hilarious traits.  

A fast-paced, comedy romp where a host of engaging characters are brought to life. This clever production is filled with high-energy, music and gags galore.


Warning! This show contains outrageous cabaret!

"Catherine’s multi-character performance and clever use of costume changes is sassy, warm, witty, with spot on accents, and oh did I mention a fabulous singing voice too? Surely she is destined for bigger things."

Buxton Fringe Comedy Review 2022 

“What a fantastic evening. I haven't laughed so much in a long while” 

"Fabulous evening's entertainment, lovely atmosphere and hilariously talented" 

"Amazing night watching Voices in my Head by Catherine Pugh! From the opening bars of Insomnia (flashback to my teens!) to the final notes of Hand in my Pocket which was performed with a sincerity, rawness and vulnerability that caught me completely by surprise and moved me to tears, I loved every single second of this show. Infused with a comic timing you just have to be born with, every character brought poignancy, moments of joy and absolute belly-laugh one-liners! Catherine is a master of the throwaway line that is far from throwaway! Brilliant writing, brilliant delivery …you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life. Go see!"

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